Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Science and Art in Software Development

Art is best appreciated emotionally. Science logically. The subject matter however can easily overlap. I can stare at the Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile or I can study 16th century clothing styles--all in the same painting.

Software development contains the same split personality. I beleive the best software developers understand when and where to apply both logic and emotionality. It's not unusual for me to be working on a problem and "feel" about it in a certain way long before my logical mind catches up.

Generally, those feelings are right. However--while emotions tend to form more quickly than logic. they also tend to be more extreme. Logic is required for proper balance.

Historically, the general public has seen programmers as all logic and no emotions. I'm not sure that's really true. I think our field is filled with emotional people, they are just emotional about topics that the public doesn't understand. Go .Net, Java Stinks!

(Feel the emotion?)


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